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Express Entry Profile Reviews US$500


This review is for those who already know they are eligible for a Federal Economic Class Immigration program and would like to have their Express Entry profile reviewed prior to creating their profile. A written report of errors and ways you can improve your score will be provided to you within 72 business hours (counted from the time we receive all requested documents).



This is a service created for anyone who has already created their express entry profile or has not yet created it and would like our advisor to give it a review to make sure that it was created or will be created correctly.

The profile will be reviewed and we will let you know if anything is missing, or if the information is incorrect, we will suggest the necessary changes, to ensure that, once you receive your invitation to submit your application for permanent residence, you can prove all the information of your profile and thus avoid any sanction by the Canadian government. It is very important to ensure that you are using the correct NOC code when it comes to your work experience, one of the most common mistakes made by permanent residence applicants.

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