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Canada is a country open to migration and is an ideal destination for many immigrants seeking to improve their quality of life. It is a country located in North America, characterized for being a developed, multicultural nation, with a stable economy, where the rights and liberties of its citizens are respected. Canada is one of the few countries in the world with clear immigration policies where the State openly promotes them, which is why Canada is a country open to immigrants from any corner of the world.

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Most relevant permanent migration programs:

Canadian Experience

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled trades Program

Provincial Programs

Family Programs

In early 2015 Canada implemented a system called Express Entry, created with the objective of processing applications for permanent immigration to Canada online from anywhere in the world. The Canadian Experience Class Program is one of the federal economic immigration programs included in this system.

To qualify for this program the applicant must meet the following criteria: Have obtained at least 12 months of full-time work experience (or an equal amount on a part-time basis) in Canada during the three years preceding the application for permanent residence in a NOC Category 0, A or B occupation according to the Canadian classification by careers or trades. The work experience obtained by the applicant in Canada must have been obtained with a work permit, in addition to having work experience must meet the required language levels according to the work performed, this is demonstrated with the appropriate English language test (IELTS GENERAL or CELPIP GENERAL). Many people work part-time while studying in Canada and this experience gained with a study permit cannot be counted as work experience under the Canadian Experience program.

If you meet the above requirements, you may have good options to obtain your permanent residency. If you do not know how to obtain Canadian experience, you can review your profile by requesting a consultation with Francisco Rudas to evaluate the viability of your project.

It is one of the most popular immigration programs in Canada. This program allows people from all over the world to apply for permanent residency, based on a variety of factors including but not limited to age, education level, work experience abroad, English or French language etc. This program does not require a job offer to be eligible, nor does it require Canadian work experience or a Canadian family member, making it the number one choice for prospective immigrants from around the world, as long as you meet the minimum qualification criteria for this program and your profile is competitive in the Express Entry system.

Any application under the Federal Skilled Worker Program now goes through the Express Entry system. In order for you to avoid being cheated prior to 2015, there was a list of jobs and occupations with certain skills that were favored when applying as a federal skilled worker. Instead, you now only need to show that you have at least one year of full-time paid work experience in what they call a skilled occupation. 

To qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must possess at least the following eligibility criteria:

– Have at least one year of continuous full-time work experience (30 hours per week) or an equal amount on a part-time basis and that this paid work experience was gained within the last ten years in a Canadian NOC Category 0, A or B occupation.

– Have a minimum score of a CLB 7 in all bands on the language test. The official Canadian approved tests for English are IELTS and CELPIP. The Canadian approved test for French is the TEF.

– Achieve a minimum of 67 points out of 100 on the Federal Skilled Worker Points System.

– Have an evaluation of educational credentials, showing a higher education diploma.

To qualify under the federal skilled trades program, you must meet at least the following eligibility requirements:

– Have at least two years of full-time work experience (or an equal amount of part-time work experience) in a job or skilled trade within the five years prior to submitting an application.

– Meet the work requirements for the skilled trade, such as minimum licenses or education.

– Obtain the required CLB levels in all sections of a language test

– Have the necessary funds required by the government based on your family size.

– Have an offer of full-time employment for a period of at least one year from a Canadian employer or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority.

– If you do not meet any of these criteria, you will not be eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

When looking to immigrate to Canada, remember that in addition to the federal economic programs, there are several economic programs for each province.

Canada divides its immigration programs into federal programs and provincial programs.

Federal programs are administered by the Federal Government of Canada and allow a person to live and work anywhere in Canada, except for Quebec, which has its own immigration programs. Provincial programs are administered by each province or territory individually and are tailored to their specific needs. These programs were created to allow the provinces to bring in new immigrants to meet their needs.

There are currently more than 50 different provincial programs. Many of them require work experience in the province or previous studies in a specific province/territory or a job offer from a Canadian employer in a specific province/employer.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP):


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island




Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada may be eligible to sponsor certain family members for permanent residence in Canada:

To be a sponsor:

– You must be 18 years of age or older.

– You and the sponsoring relative must sign a sponsorship agreement or contract that commits you to provide financial support to your relative, if necessary.

– Meet minimum annual income requirements based on the number of members in your family

 If you are sponsoring your spouse or permanent partner (without civil or religious marriage), it is your obligation to support him/her financially for three years from the date he/she becomes a permanent resident.

-You must provide financial support for each dependent child for 10 years or until the child reaches age 22, whichever comes first.

Who may be sponsored:

Spouses, De facto marital unions of more than one year or spousal relationship.

Dependent children as defined in the Immigration Regulation

– Mother and/or Father and their dependent children if accompanying them, in accordance with the Canadian immigration law definition of a dependent child

– Grandparents and their dependents

– Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or grandchildren who are orphans; are under 18 years of age and are not married or in a common law relationship

– Any other close relative or person of any age, under certain specified conditions and their accompanying family (e.g., spouse, partner and dependent children)

Not part of Family Program

At this moment Canada has more than 60 Federal and Provincial immigration programs available for people seeking to immigrate to Canada, which is why each person’s path is unique. It is very important before making a decision to evaluate the viability of your project and the risk to be taken. The federal  and the provincial governments are continually renewing and making changes to their immigration programs to ensure the best candidates in their migration process, it is very important to always be well informed to make the best decisions.

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