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Canada immigration Rudas is a company dedicated to advise those interested in emigrating temporarily or permanently to Canada, Francisco Javier Rudas, founding partner of the corporate group SWICANADA company registered in Canada and based in the city of Toronto, will be advising and accompanying you in your process.

FRANCISCO RUDAS is licensed by the Government of Canada through its regulatory body the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants), to advise and represent clients before any office or Tribunal of the Canadian Federal Government in immigration matters.

To avoid being deceived, only lawyers licensed in one of the provinces of Canada, notaries in Quebec and licensed immigration consultants can advise and/or represent clients before the immigration authorities in Canada or at their embassies or consulates in any country in the world. The requirements to obtain the license as a migration consultant are the following: be a Canadian resident or citizen, have completed the respective legal studies in the area of migration in one of the institutions approved by the Federal Government, have presented and passed the required level in the English and/or French language test, and have presented and passed the Federal exam of knowledge in the area of migration, once the above requirements are fulfilled, the federal license is obtained.

Francisco Rudas is a Colombian lawyer with legal studies in the area of Canadian immigration.

After having studied law, and having practiced for more than a decade in the area of administrative and construction law in Colombia, he decided with his family in 2009 to immigrate to Canada, since his arrival as a permanent resident he was involved in one way or another to the immigration issue until he decided to study and obtain his license as a migration consultant, Francisco always understood first-hand that a good legal strategy added to a good settlement advice, is the real key to success in Canada and could be the difference between failing and achieving goals.

License and credentials as a Canadian consultant.

Francisco Javier Rudas
License No. R516816

Our mission as a company is to help our clients achieve their immigration and personal goals by providing the best immigration solutions. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of studying, working or living temporarily or permanently in CANADA.

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