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Order GCMS Notes (Refused applications) US$150


Your application was rejected? Not entirely sure why based on the letter received from the Canadian government? If you want to get the officer’s notes or the GCMS notes, you can make an Access to Information Request. These requests can only be made by Canadian citizens. Our Canadian Immigration Consultant can make these requests on your behalf. These notes will be of great help when evaluating the rejection of an application.

If your application is still in process and you have exceeded the processing times and the government is not giving you a response as to why, requesting these notes may alert you to any further review being done.

These requests can only be made by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, which is why we offer the service for clients who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada and wish to be able to access this information.



Refused application, you don’t why? Would you like to know the officer’s full notes or, the GCMS notes, I can can make an Access to information request. These type of requests can only be made by Canadian Citizens.

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