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Why? There are many reasons that encourage foreigners to come and work in Canada:
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Who can apply for a job in Canada:

Normally foreign workers require a job offer from a Canadian employer, this job offer must be endorsed by ESDC Employment Social Development Canada through a process called LMIA in order for the applicant to file their Temporary Work Permit application, there may be other options that our legal counsel could evaluate according to their nationality or profession.

Foreigners who have a job offer with a positive evaluation of their LMIA by ESDC

Foreigners who have a job offer without a positive evaluation of their LMIA by ESDC, but whose country of citizenship Canada has a free trade agreement or has an international cooperation agreement.
Foreigners in possession of a study permit may work part-time.
Foreigners who are doing their internship as part of their academic program called Co-op.
Foreigners who have completed their college and/or university studies and have applied for a post-study work permit. (PGWP)
Spouse or permanent partner of a foreigner with a study permit or work permit
Foreigners who do not need a work permit to work in Canada according to Canadian law.

We are committed to our clients, providing all the necessary support, and working hand in hand with our partner company WISE WAY CANADA, a company dedicated to providing study abroad services, whether language courses, or help in the search for a professional or technical career or a post-secondary study such as: specializations, masters or doctorates in Canada.

“Study and live in Canada”

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